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Thank you for visiting my web site. This site was designed as a place to save and display some of my photographs as well as providing links to other sites where even more of my photos can be found.


In 2011 I also started posting some images on Flickr.com. This seemed to be a quick and convenient way to share images. I actually post images on two Flickr accounts.

My Flickr "library" account contains nearly 3000 images spanning back more than 15 years. The library photos can be seen here:

To make finding images easier, the Flickr library images are organised into albums and the various albums can be found here:

The other Flickr account contains just my favourite images and can be seen here:


I also use Instagram as a fun way to post and share snapshots of life's interesting moments. You can find my Instagram images here:

Old Web Pages

The old version of this site is still available at: www.davidbmeyer.com/old-site/index.html