David B Meyer

Personal Web Site

Thank you for visiting my personal web site. This site is primarily used as a place to save and display some of my photographs. For the most part nothing spectacular but hopefully at least fun and interesting.

The images on this site are all (or at least mostly) taken during the time Penny and I have lived in London. Many of the older images (2003-2006) are actually Penny's. I have included them here so that we have someplace to view them.

Access the Photos

You can view the photos by following the links above. For now I have organized the images into the following categories:

My photos from before July 2003 are archived away on various computers in Salt Lake City. One day I might have an opportunity to add some of them to this online gallery.


In 2011 I also started posting some images on flickr.com. This seems to be a quick and convenient way to share images. Eventually all of the "good" images will make it onto this site as well.

My Flickr photos can be seen here: www.flickr.com/photos/david-meyer/

Gallery Layouts

Over the years I have experimented with a number of different techniques and styles of presenting digital images online. As you browse the various galleries you will find the use of different layouts and galleries.

In 2011 I started using two layouts that seem to work well. One of them is quick and easy to create the initial gallery, the other layout is easy to update with additional images along with a short description. Unfortunately both of the photo gallery layouts are based on Adobe Flash and therefore donít work on Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad etc).