Tom Jones in Concert
Castle Howard

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Castle Howard is in Yorkshire. That is the castle in the background. It has been in the same family for over 600 years. The family still lives there. (I have no idea who the people are in the foreground). As you can tell the weather is a bit different on 26 July than it was in SLC. Yorkshire is quite far north - almost to the Scotland border. We noticed when we arrived that everyone was beginning their meal straight-away. Did they know something we didn't???


This is the "pond" at Castle Howard. It is a huge lake.


This is the stage. Everyone is still eating and drinking and feeling quite merry. It is dry which is cause enough to be merry in England.


As you can see, Tom Jones isn't very popular here. There are just a few people at the concert. Tickets cost $70 each.


Still waiting for Tom ...


OOPS! This is why everyone was eating early, they did know something we didn't. Dave and I are still on starters and drinks. It is quite difficult to eat while you are holding your brollie. (That's umbrella by the way - I didn't want you to think that Dave and I were doing anything dodgey.)


This isn't too bad, just a bit of a sprinkle ... it will pass before Tom comes out. Where is he anyway? We want Tom! We want Tom! (This actually was being chanted by a very merry bloke of about 60 years, who was sitting behind us. The cause of his merriment was a bottle of scotch.) Dave asked when booking the tickets if the show would be canceled in case of rain, the woman at Castle Howard replied, "Why Mr. Tom Jones won't mind if it rains."


Finally, here is Tom - he is the one in black on the stage. We could have moved closer, but pretty much everything was wet and it didn't seem worth the effort. Everyone was standing up and dancing about, (I thought the British were quite reserved and proper.)


It stopped raining and offered a lovely sunset. The concert is still on - most people have just moved down closer to the stage. It is too difficult to fling your knickers at Tom if you are too far away.


Raining again, but the brollies are keeping people's picnics dry instead of the people themselves.


The castle at dusk. Dusk is about 10:00 p.m. this far north - this time of year. At about 2:30 or 3:00 p.m. in the winter.


Here is Dave trying to stay warm. You must remember it WAS the end of July. We kept layering on whatever we had that could be worn. You can tell Dave LOVES Tom Jones.


VERY merry people dancing and singing.


Raining again, but know one was seeming to mind. NO ONE left because of the rain. You did hear a few "bloody hells" but that was about as disgruntled as people got. This is England and if you let the rain cancel your plans, you would never do anything.


Of course I didn't know this flattering photo would end up here, but Dave knows I don't know how to delete it. I look like the Michelin tyre man because at this point I have on a thermal underwear top, a pullover jumper, a cardigan, and 2 jackets -- lovely. If only Tom Jones could see me, I would throw my knickers on the stage, but I can't seem to find them under all the other clothing, It was great fun.